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Crafting Area

Since moving into my new place, I’ve been able to get back into some mixed media work now that I finally have a space to craft in. I plan on making a few more prints similar to the ones below, to put together a gallery wall piece that is Hollywood themed. The materials I use are mostly scrap pieces of paper, stickers, stencils, stamps, paint, and magazine cutouts. Plus modge podge of course. The Hollywood canvas turned out more like a collage. The other 2 are more mixed media.

I know this isn’t ground breaking, but the trick I’ve found is to use lots of layering to give it that mixed media effect, and to hide things that you mess up. That’s the main thing I like about mixed media; there seems to be hardly any room for error, because whatever you do usually ends up looking okay whereas with drawing or painting, you need to be more precise usually, so it’s easier to mess up and get frustrated or discouraged. That being said, I did just buy a new watercolour brush pen, so I will be trying some painting and sketching soon. More to come on that, if they turn out okay…