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I spent the better part of today going on a big walk with Sophie. First we went down to the Starbucks in the village, where we sat for over an hour at a shaded table. I had tea and a chocolate croissant – Sophie had some of the non-chocolate parts. Then we continued on down to the water where Sophie enjoyed a swim and played with the rocks (I know, she’s a weird dog). While at Starbucks I read my book for a bit, but mostly I worked on brainstorming a bunch of ideas and plans for my Leuchtturm bullet journal.

Bullet journals have been all the rage for the past while now – my bookstore even had a whole table display dedicated to them, which incidentally is where I got mine from. I bought it at the beginning of May and will be doing a separate post soon about how I like it so far and the types of layouts I use. I can tell you now though, I’m really enjoying the freedom you have with it, to create and customize any type of layout or page or collection or list that you want.

My main problems right now are figuring out what pens and markers work best without bleeding through the page or smudging easily, and trying to become better at hand lettering – all those bullet journal and planner videos make it look so easy!

Whilst brainstorming today at Starbucks, I realized a lot of my notes had to do with writing goals: doing more short stories, submitting to contests more, trying poetry, getting back to working on my novel’s second draft. I’m really looking forward to seeing how effective this bullet journaling is for me, because it’ll allow me to organize all of my projects in one place and then make subsections that outline manageable steps to achieve those goals. Because in the past, I’ve always had these goals and ways to accomplish them, but all of my notes and ideas would be written down in different places; some are in my every-day rough notes notebook, some are on my computer, some are on pieces of paper in file folders somewhere, and some are on my phone. But now, (hopefully) they will all be in my bullet journal and I can keep track of my progress.

If you have a bullet journal too, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it and what works for you. Otherwise, thanks for reading!