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For the past few days, I’ve been toying with the idea of converting this blog from a pop culture review blog into a general lifestyle blog that still includes book reviews and the like. Something happened at work today that I thought was the perfect thing to start off the new direction for this blog. 

I work in a bookstore, and about half an hour before closing I answered the phone; a customer wanted to know if we had a certain book in stock. “It comes out tomorrow,” she said in a soft, delicate voice, “and I wanted to check if you’ll have it in for tomorrow.” I looked it up in our system. It was some romance novel and it turned out that we already had five copies in store. I had a co-worker check to make sure we actually had them on the shelf and we did. I told the customer on the phone and she was so excited. “Oh my God, really? You already have it in?” She gasped. “Yeah,” I said, “sometimes we get new releases in early and put them out the day before.” She was positively ecstatic. “Thank you, thank you so much! That is so great!”

Fifteen minutes later I was working on cash, worrying that maybe I should have asked the girl if she wanted me to put one on hold for her to pick up tomorrow – you know, in case there was some mad rush and all five copies sold out. But then this petite, wispy girl in her 20s with big eyes and a dark green tuque approaches my till. She lays a book on the counter; it’s the romance novel from the phone call. “Oh, did you just call in about this?” I asked, scanning it. She nodded vigorously with a big smile. “Mhmm, thanks so much for your help!” I smiled back. “For sure, no problem.” She couldn’t stop smiling; she was practically fidgeting with excitement. I put the book in a bag for her with the receipt.

“Thanks so much,” she said again. “You really made my night!” Before I could say anything,  she power-walked out of the store, new book in hand, and is probably already half way done reading it by now.

I was quite happy for her, and it made me realize two things. One: I wish I could share such gleeful excitement over a new book release, but I have yet to discover a really favourite author or series where I’m so invested and so excited, that I can’t even wait till the release day to get the next book. I know this means I just have to read more, which I am definitely doing, but until I find that new favourite author or series, I’m just floating around with no direction or specific tastes, sometimes reading things I quite like, but mostly reading things that are just okay or that I end up not liking. Nothing seems to have stuck yet.

Second: it made me hope that one day, as an author, I’ll inspire a similar excitement in a reader for one of my own books or series, and that they’ll be just as ecstatic to have gotten the book a day early. I know that sounds narcissistic – but I simply mean that I hope my own novels will create such excitement and joy in readers and inspire connection over the stories and characters, and hopefully also inspire discussion  – depending on the novel’s content.

And hopefully this blog will help me to get there someday by practicing my writing and reading more and doing book reviews and engaging with other bloggers. In fact, it’d be pretty cool someday to post interviews with other bloggers or authors on here. I also plan to include posts on other artsy things that I do, like mixed media and DIY crafts.

And you can definitely expect some adorable doggie posts featuring my beautiful border collie, Sophie.

Also, there’s a new site name coming – I have an idea, but I won’t say anything yet except that it’s Virginia Woolf inspired 😉

So if you like books, writing, art, crafts, travel, and/or dogs, be sure to hit that Follow button! Thanks for reading.